Iceland Winter

I was overwhelmed by the beautiful soft northern light in Iceland as it illuminates the vast array of past and presently active geological processes.  It was challenging to try to capture moments in ever changing light and sometimes severe windy winter weather conditions.  None of this would have been possible without Daniel Bergmann’s leadership and guidance.  Daniel, an Icelandic native, and his co-leader, David Ward, from the UK, on two occasions had to drastically modify the itinerary to obtain new excellent accommodations with iconic and off the beaten track locations.  On an island that has been “discovered” by millions of tourists from around the world, this is extremely important.

Although we did not experience the Aurora because of overcast skies, every moment in Iceland was interesting and important.  I loved the horizonal snow, howling night winds, drifting snow, active streams and waterfalls, plus evidence of volcanic activity which provided glimpses of insight into the history and culture of Iceland and its people.  It is my dream to return to Iceland and continue to explore its beauty with Daniel and his co-leaders.

My galleries include both irresistible geology locations and a mysterious and wonderful Icelandic horse.  I hope you enjoy them.