My passion for photography began with a Kodak Brownie Camera at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.  The depression and World War II limited my photography to special events.  After marriage in 1955 my husband and I shared our joy of photography. 

            We traveled all over the US taking thousands of slides for my geology classes at Long Island University, New York.  At Long Island University I continued to grow as a photographer, taking many photograph courses. 

             In 1994 I retired as a Full Professor (Geology) and my husband and I (Ivar) moved to Bremerton, WA.  We took wet darkroom technique workshops with Bruce Barnbaum in WA, and an Infrared and night photography workshop in 1996 with Frank Dituri and Joan Powers in Italy. We traveled in Europe. After my husband died I took field workshops with Bruce Barnbaum in France (1999), and Italy (2001).  I enjoyed a month in Ireland shooting both film and digital with photographer Joan Powers.

            Ivar and I enjoyed many years processing film and prints in our wet darkroom until his passing in 1998.  I continued in the wet darkroom and moved to digital photography and processing in 2004.  I enjoy making both digital negatives and prints from our older B&W and color negatives & prints.  I continue to travel regularly with family and friends in the USA and abroad.

Digital Workshops:

  • Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula: Tim Cooper (Photoshop – 2004)
  • George DeWolfe (Fine Art Printing – 2004)
  • Canon Beach Oregon with Stu Levy and Don Kirby (2009)
  • Seabeck & Olympic Park Washington (2010) with Don Paulson
  • The Palouse (2010) with Alan Caddey
  • David Marx (Lightroom – 2010) 
  • Italy (2011) A personal trip with Joan Powers
  • Laura Shoe Lightroom Workshop in WA (2014)
  • Iceland in Winter (2015) with Daniel Bergmann and David Ward
  • Relics of the Past (2016) with Douglas Johnson (Rocky Mtn. School of Photography)
  • Iceland Highlands (2016) with Daniel Bergman
  • Death Valley (2017) with Brian Leary
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming Fujifilm Workshop (2017) with Jack Graham
  • B&H Workshops in New York City (Ongoing, I often attend these while visiting family in NYC)


At the Global Bean in Silverdale in had two shows:

  • 2011 “The Palouse”
  • 2012  “Some of My Favorite Images of Italy”

It is always a pleasure to share my work.   

                        Mary E. Westerback.