The Palouse

The Palouse

In the fertile agricultural lands of eastern Washington’s Palouse one can wander on country roads. Here varied crops on rolling hills display an array of subtle and dramatic colors under changing light and wind conditions.

The rural agricultural environment is dotted with fields, farms, churches, cemeteries and country towns. Sunrise and sunsets are especially magical. Images taken in the fog were a delight as sunrise fog in May is a rare event.  Steptoe Butte images were captured during afterglow.  Afterglow is a whitish or rosy light appearing in the sky due to very fine dust particles suspended in high atmospheric regions. When this occurs the fields take on magical afterglow colors.  The images are as observed. The photographs were taken May 24-30th 2010.

I felt a strong sense of community talking with people from different generations who live and work together.  The Memorial Day flags in Colfax Cemetery, the old Chevron truck in the field, and towns like Palouse with family run restaurants and businesses, made me feel welcome. There is plenty of room to roam, where fences create boundaries and fun for those who can climb.

The Palouse is a place in America where traditional values and rapidly changing technology coexist.  Visitors delight in viewing open space, and towns. Many of the old structures seen today may one day disappear in America.

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